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A Place for Everyone

Over the generations, Grand Junction has grown by leaps and bounds.

And every generation has left its mark, building the great sports, parks, culture, and community facilities we all enjoy today. But while our neighbors in Fruita, Montrose, Glenwood, and Delta have built successful Community Centers, Grand Junction still lacks its own place to come together to move, work, learn, and play.


When you’re retired, it can be tough to find new things to do and people to do them with. With a huge social calendar of ways to stay active, try new hobbies and learn new things, a Community Center is a great resource for Seniors. Dedicated therapy pool and hot tubs also offer Seniors a great place to exercise.


Every parent knows that finding safe and affordable places for kids to play, learn, and grow can be a constant challenge. A Community Center would offer parents pools, gyms, hardwood courts, a climbing wall, and activity rooms on top of supervised childcare, with plenty for kids and parents to do at the same place, same time!


In today’s economy, towns compete for skilled workers on amenities and quality of life. From Glenwood Springs to Montrose, towns that have invested in Community Centers have gained a competitive edge on our Valley for both workforce and new business recruitment.


Have you struggled to find a suitable space for a meeting, wedding shower, family gathering, or other event in our Valley? With multipurpose rooms, a catering kitchen, senior and youth spaces, hardwood gymnasiums, the Community Center would transform the social and event spaces available to Grand Junction residents.


A safe space for teens to come together outside the home or school, make their own, get involved in community projects, learn new things, and connect with other young people from across the Valley.


Did we mention the pools!?  Hardwood floor gynamisms? Weight rooms? Climbing wall? Treadmills and running track?

Our local institutions like the Farmer’s Market, the Art & Music and Downtown festivals, Parade of Lights and 4th of July Parade are central to my lifestyle and feeling connected to Grand Junction!

A community center would offer even more regular and scheduled events, as well as a location to strengthen our city while providing a safe place for us all to get together!”
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I spend quite a bit of money in Fruita just because of their Rec Center. After the swimming and workout, I meet friends and we go to lunch there and then shopping. I would rather do that all in GJ!”

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I brag about the services in this community to others in other communities. The one thing that we are missing that other communities have is a community recreation center.”

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Grand Junction Community
Center Campaign

was a group of Grand Junction residents committed to the creation of an affordable, accessible Community Center that would be the heart of wellness and social connection in the city of Grand Junction and surrounding areas.

A 2015 survey asked residents what would make our town an even better place to live. The overwhelming response? A Community Center! Local citizens launched a grassroots movement to make this a reality. Today, our group is made strong by volunteers of all ages, political stripes, and backgrounds. For two years, we have worked to gather citizen ideas, understand what residents want in a Center, and to bring a thoughtful plan to the City Council and voters.  Today, the former PLACE Committee has filed become an official ballot campaign: The GJ Community Center Campaign!

Feasibility Study 2017-18

PLACE volunteers began working with the GJ Parks and Recreation Department to conduct a formal feasibility study, surveying public support for investmnet in a Community Center, citizen priorities for what the Center would offer, and analyzing cost and construction options. This survey was supported by the GJ City Council, made possible by a DOLA grant, and completed in the Summer of 2018.

Get your copy of the Feasibility Study here! 

The Work Begins 2015-2017

PLACE committee volunteers begun talking with folks all over town and reviewed multiple earlier community studies that had found strong demand for a Community Center. From helping to raise strong and healthy young people to giving adults more local choices for activities for social, mental, and physical growth, the benefits of a Community Center campaign were echoed throughout Grand Junction’s History. As early as the year  2000, a Civic Forum Leadership committee concluded in that:

    “There is a predominant perception from the community members that there are neither enough recreation facilities nor activities available to the entire population to ensure an optimum quality of life. . . Glaring service gaps exist that are in dire need of being filled, to improve opportunities with our community.”

Taking the Vote to the People 2018-2019

With the feasibility study completed, local residents packed the house during two City Council meetings on the proposal. In September of 2018, City Council voted to refer the Community Center to the Spring 2019 ballot for the voters to make their choice. 

We expect to know our path to the ballot, whether by City Council referral or petition, by the end of August 2018!